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4 ways to improve airport security

With the increase in terrorism, the need for airport security couldn’t be stressed more. It is essential to improve the airport security to make the atmosphere safer. Here are four ways you can improve the airport security.

Implement everything that was recommended after 9/11

You should find out the security recommendations after the 9/11 attack. Then check it with your existing security measures and fill in the gaps in these.

Follow all the guidelines in the travel process

You should not skip any step while checking the passengers. You should be careful from the time the person purchases the ticket. Do proper screening of each passenger.

Give intensive training to the security people

The security people in the aviation industry must go through extensive training. They should learn how to identify false documents or fraudulence. Everyone in the security department must be given this training.

Look at the person’s travel history

Security process in case of international travel must be stricter than that of domestic travel. You must keep a record of the person’s international travel history. This will be helpful in catching terrorists.

In recent times, many incidents of terrorist attacks on aircraft and airports have occurred. It has become an alarming situation. It is very important for the airports to take the necessary measures to keep the passengers and other people in the aviation industry safe. The steps just discussed are very effective and these must be implemented immediately.

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3 important security procedures that must be followed while on aircraft

Inside the aircraft, cabin crews are responsible for the security of the passengers. They are always given the training to ensure the safety of the passengers onboard and themselves. After the 9/11 incident, new regulations and procedures have been set by the authorities regarding safety in aircraft. Here are 3 things the cabin crew can do to ensure safety during flight.

Read the procedure thoroughly before boarding

Though the cabin crews have to maintain security procedures all the time whenever they are on a flight, it is important that they revise the procedures every time before boarding. They should know how to maintain the security of the passengers before the flight, during the flight and even after the flight.

Do the necessary checks

They should do the necessary checks on the flight. These include checking the cabin, crew seat, safety equipment, crew seat, lavatories, etc. They should monitor the movement of every passenger and be ready to identify any threat. They should look for any suspicious item on board and report to the responsible authorities.

Give importance to your personal security

Besides the security of the passengers, the cabin crew must be aware of their own security as well. They should be aware of their surroundings and shouldn’t take any risks.

The cabin crew must be thoroughly trained to keep the passengers safe on board. The training must be ongoing so that they learn more and don’t forget what they have learned. Cabin crew plays a big role in the security of passengers, so the aviation industry must invest in their training.

4 ways technology can improve security in the aviation industry

The airports are vulnerable to security breaches. The infrastructure is getting old and the number of passengers and airlines are increasing. This demands a high level of security be implemented. Here are the ways technology can improve the security of this industry.

Behavioral Analytics

When passengers stand in a queue, their behavior can be analyzed with this technology. Video footage of the place can be scanned to find the unusual behavior of passengers. If anything is found, the authorities can be quickly informed and the necessary action can be taken.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This can improve the security of the aviation industry. The IoT sensors can be used to generate data for behavioral analytics and controlling the various environmental variables such as noise, temperature, etc. This gives you the chance to customize the environment of the screening checkpoint.

Screening Technologies

These technologies will provide new ways of detecting threats. X-ray diffraction can be used to identify liquids. Microwave detecting small cameras will be able to scan things very quickly, even in real time. This will improve the security in airports.


This technology will be able to identify the intrinsic behavioral or physical traits of the passengers. With this technology, you will be able to detect fake passports using facial recognition software.

These innovative technologies will make the airports less risky. Some of these technologies are already in place. These must be adopted by all the airports to improve the security and reduce chances of terrorist attacks. It is expected that better technologies will be invented to make the airports 100% safe and secured.