cabin crew

3 important security procedures that must be followed while on aircraft

Inside the aircraft, cabin crews are responsible for the security of the passengers. They are always given the training to ensure the safety of the passengers onboard and themselves. After the 9/11 incident, new regulations and procedures have been set by the authorities regarding safety in aircraft. Here are 3 things the cabin crew can do to ensure safety during flight.

Read the procedure thoroughly before boarding

Though the cabin crews have to maintain security procedures all the time whenever they are on a flight, it is important that they revise the procedures every time before boarding. They should know how to maintain the security of the passengers before the flight, during the flight and even after the flight.

Do the necessary checks

They should do the necessary checks on the flight. These include checking the cabin, crew seat, safety equipment, crew seat, lavatories, etc. They should monitor the movement of every passenger and be ready to identify any threat. They should look for any suspicious item on board and report to the responsible authorities.

Give importance to your personal security

Besides the security of the passengers, the cabin crew must be aware of their own security as well. They should be aware of their surroundings and shouldn’t take any risks.

The cabin crew must be thoroughly trained to keep the passengers safe on board. The training must be ongoing so that they learn more and don’t forget what they have learned. Cabin crew plays a big role in the security of passengers, so the aviation industry must invest in their training.